Content Management Systems

Today's websites are much more complex than the old "static" pages that were once the norm on the Internet. Certain businesses require that their site has entries from multiple users all over the globe and asking one person to organize this would be virtually impossible. This content must be organized and integrated into the website almost instantaneously in order to create an even flow of business and the look of a "clean" site.

Content Management System (CMS) is far and away the best action plan for anyone that has a site with ever changing content. Without CMS, it would be virtually impossible to have a site that was organized when content is being supplied by various users at the same time. Being able to manage all of this is a must and that is exactly what a CMS will do for the Internet based business.

It is common practice for an Internet site to have various contributors; however, there has to be a way for the owner of the site to know when someone has changed or added content to their site and be able to edit or change it as necessary. You may also need a "library" of media to be available for all users of pictures or videos that are acceptable to be published with their content. These are typical features that are integrated into any CMS.

Some questions to ask yourself to decide if you need a CMS are:

  1. Are their multiple contributors to the sites content?
  2. Are all changes currently going through a webmaster?
  3. Do you need access anywhere and anytime to your website for editing purposes?
  4. Do you need to restrict the privileges of various contributors?
  5. Is there a need to be alerted when new content has been added by a contributor?
  6. Are you creating significant charges to your website developer because of the need to change content on a regular basis?

If the answer to any or all of these questions was a "yes," then a CMS solution is exactly what is needed to make your business more cost effective and better organized. There is simply no need to have to make a phone call every time you need a change with the technology that is available today in regards to web design. While there may be the occasional tweak that is needed from a designer, most of the additions and editing can and should be handled by the website owner themselves.

LDLdesigns also understands that not every business has the same CMS needs. This is why a partnership with LDLdesigns is critical to the success of your online business experience. We listen and work together with the business owner to integrate the features of the CMS to ensure that they are pertinent and meet the individual business goals of our partners. The result is a website that is truly dynamic and that continues to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without interruption, all the while being updated and changed to meet the needs of not only the business, but also the consumer.

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